Transferring domain to Zone

If you've already registered a domain with another registrar, but wish to transfer ot to Zone, then all you have to do is to initiate the process to TRANSFER the domain. Further information on transfer prices can be found in the price list.

The transfer of a domain to Zone management can be initiated HERE.

IMPORTANT! Before initiationg a transfer, please turn your attention to the following important points, as failure to do so might result in the FAILURE of the transfer. Therefore we request that you read through the following points.

  1. In order for the transfer to succeed, the domain must be unlocked in the system of the previous registrar. The WHOIS system shows that mostly the domain status is marked as either "Locked" or "ClientTransferProhibited". This status doesn't allow any transfers to take place from one registrar to another. The domain status can be changed in the system of the current registrar if the user has the required access or the request will be made by the person or service provider who registered the domain in your name. If the domain is unlocked, then the WHOIS query system will display its status as "ok".
  2. In addition, you can only initiate the transfer if you've received your domain's EPP or AUTH code from your registrar (different registrars call this code differently and the length of their code is different, but the purpose of the code is the same). Without this authentication code the transfer cannot be initiated, If you have the required access, you can request the authorization code yourself from the system of the registry or the person or service provider who registered the domain can do it in your name.
  3. If the domain is unlocked and you've also received the authorization code and initiated the transfer via the subpage of Zone, an English language e-mail will be sent to the administrative contact person (shown in the WHOIS query system under the line "Administrative contact") from our registrar that includes an unique link that can be used to confirm the transfer. When the administrative person has clicked on the link included in the mail and reached the unique page on and approved the transfer in there, the domain will be transferred to Zone administration within 5-7 days and you will have access to it through the management center.

IMPORTANT! Depending on the terms of use, your current registrar may ask for confirmation to finalize the transfer. Therefore please read carefully all e-mails you receive regarding your domain after you've initiated the transfer. Not doing so might not let the transfer succeed

What else do I have to know before initiating a transfer?

  • A domain that has expired cannot be transferred.
  • A domain that will expire within the next week cannot be transferred.
  • A domain that has been registered within the last 60 days cannot be transferred.
  • A domain that is locked by their current registrar cannot be transferred.
  • A domain is locked for 60 days if the contact information of the domain owner is changed in the current registrar's system. IMPORTANT! The information of the administrative contact may be changed - that doesn't lock the domain!
  • Make sure that the e-mail address of the administrative contact of your domain is working, as crucial information regarding the transfer will be sent to that e-mail address.
Further information on the conditions of transfers and possible grounds for rejection can be found on the ICANN webpage:

TRANSFER of EU domains

In order to transfer a domain to our administration, all you must do is to go through the TRANSFER procedure, which costs as much as registering a new domain. The prices are provided on the price list page. The TRANSFER can be initiated HERE. You must fill the oder form on the webpage and pay the advance payment invoice. After that EURid will send a query via e-mail to the owner of the domain which must be replied to within 7 days.

You can initiate and accept the transfer through the End-user extranet of EURid.

You must register yourself as a user of that site and follow all the instructions that are displayed in the user environment. Through this extranet, you will be able to request the authorization code required for the transfer to succeed.